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Spindle motors, Dewert-Okin

Dewert-spindle motors

Dewert has an extensive and long-term, more than 25 years, experience in the development and manufacturing of spindle motor systems. In this time the company has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of electro-mechanical actuators.

Dewert products are typical actuators in hospital and health care applications, and also in furnitures and ergonomics.

Dewert's catalog consists of the following products: spindle motors, bed motors, lifting columns, control units, hand controls and accessories.

Power source is gear motor (12 or 24 V Dc). It uses the screw, which is equipped with a nut. Nut binds into spindle and transforms rotary motion to linear motion. (=stroke). Stroke is available at up to 500 mm as standard.

Power alternatives:

  •     125 - 10 000 N (linear motion)

  •     10 Nm (rotary motion).

Protection classes up to IP66 (dustproof and pressure jet waterproof). Feedback coupling also available.

Initialization is easy process. Electrical connections either directly in 12 / 24 V DC voltage source, or into Dewert's own control unit + hand controller. Spindle motors are designed for episodic use = 10 % (2 min On and 18 min Off).



Dymat - Classical spindle motor for many solutions

Low space requirement allows the use of Dymat in tight spaces. High quality components make it quiet in the use.

It is available as a master and slave motor.

Technical information




Gigamat - safety powerhouse

The strength and speed of Gigamat are unrivaled. They will allow it to take care of the most demanding control tasks. Gigamat provides also double safety which is needed specially in the medical solutions.

Technical information




Megamat - trinity

Megamat is economical and flexible basic solution in many applications. The details of Megamat 2 has been developed to meet the hospital and healing applications.

Megamat P is the solution when you need more power in the hospital and healing applications.

Technical information: Megamat
Megamat 2
Megamat P

Manual: Megamat




Multimat - modular spindle motor

Multimat B23 is very flexible what means that it can be adjusted even during the installation.

Multimat B23 R is a rotating spindle motor. You can replace for example a hand crank in a desktop with it.

Technical information




Multitraxx - stability is the thing

Multitraxx suites well when stability and short installation distance are needed. Its own circuit can be a mechanism in an application.

Technical information




Duomat - drive system for beds

Duomat drive system is designed for installation in beds...

  •     for domestic use

  •     for the motorized adjustment of moveable bed parts using original DEWERT fittings and accessories

Technical information: Duomat 1B
Duomat 6

Manual: DUOMAT




Omegadrive – spindle motors

Highly stressable. Extremely narrow-built actuator housing for tight installation conditions. Low noise level.

Examples of use:

Height, back and foot section adjustment of chair and bedding furniture and installation in lifting columns

  • force 750 – 4000 N

  • stroke 30-500 mm

  • max. speed 25 mm/S

  • Hall sensor

  • MES

  • Fork head turnable

  • Motor clip with screw on possibility

Omegadrive - spindle motors - Technical details




Betadrive – spindle motors

All-purpose use. Sturdy, adjustable actuator. Allows large stroke area in tight installation conditions.

Examples of use:

Back and leg section adjustment of chair and bedding furniture

  • force 750 - 6000N

  • stroke 10-500mm

  • max. speed 32 mm/s

  • actuating block

Betadrive – spindle motors - Technical details




Deskdrive 2 – lifting columns

Functional and sustainable solution for height adjustment.

Examples of use:

Height adjustment of tables, desktops, lecterns, PC stand-up work stations, sitting room tables, TV stands etc.).

  • 3- telescopic

  • 800N

  • Stroke 680 mm

  • 38mm/s

  • Square column

Deskdrive - lifting columns - Technical details




MPI Lifting columns – for comfortable working positions

Fast and easy height adjustment of work areas is important for people that wish to work at the correct ergonomic level during all operations. The column consists of a telescopic aluminium tubing fitted with large slidebearings to provide maximum stability.

  • Electrical height adjustment for single or parallel operation with up to 4 columns.

  • Lift force up to 3000N or 6000N single.

  • Stroke length 300,400 or 500 mm.

  • Speed up to 11 mm/sec without load.

  • Max bending moment 1000 Nm (stat.) 750 Nm (dyn.), at full stroke length.

  • Intermittent duty 10% for a maximum of 2 min continuous duty for 15 min.

  • These columns have to be completed with control box, cable handset, underdesk control or footcontrol.

  • Cable output at the top of column.

MPI Lifting columns - Technical details

Moveinfo 8/2010 (pdf)






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